AC/DC 24V 40A Lithium ​LiFePO4 Battery Charger

Code: CW-01224-1






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Part Number: AT-240-2440ALFPV01-IP65

Input Voltage: min 200Vac to max 264Vac

Input Power: Max 1408W

Constant Charge Voltage: Vdc min 28.1V to max 29.5V

Constant charge current: Min 38A to max 42A

Charge complete current: Vdc min 3.0A to max 3.4A

Ripple voltage: 500mV

Efficiency: 88% At Full Load

Product Dimensions: L-310mm x W-230mm x H-101mm

Weight: 7.5kgs


Additional information

Dimensions160 × 40 × 160 cm

4 Wheel Drive, Coupe, Hatchback


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