Century Marine Pro 780 Maintenance-Free


NZ70ZMMF Marine Pro battery is good for the Boat.


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Brand: Century
Series: Marine Pro

Fitment Details

Normal Overall Dimensions (mm)
Length: 305
Width: 171
Height: 202
Total Height: 225
Polarity: D
Terminal Type: STD / WN
Special Features: CH, CI, FA, MIA, MF, MR, PL, VR

Technical Specifications

Warranty: 24 months
Conditions apply. Refer to individual warranty statements affixed to each product.
Volts: 12
CCA: 780
RC: 180
MCA @ 0°c: 1000
AH: 100
Weight (kg): 25.10

Application: Starts up to 350hp + Basic Electrics + 2 Optional Electrics

Marine Pro Range – Maintenance-Free

ProductWarrantyVoltsCCAMCARCAhDimensions (mm) LxWxTHPolarityTerminal Type
D23RMMF2412580750120231x171x225DSTD / WN
NS70MMF241268088015575260x171x225DSTD / WN
N70ZMMF24127801000180100305x171x225DSTD / WN








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