Few Words About BatteryAustralia

Battery Australia has been providing Battery replacement services for Mobility Scooters, Motor Bikes, Cars, 4×4 and SUVs, Vans, Utes, Marines, RV and Camping, Trucks, Buses, Heavy Machines and Earth Moving Machines to our customers for many years. Our dedicated sales team intend to work closely with clients and are well equipped with battery knowledge to provide customers with suitable products with good quality and best prices. Our team always provide professional service to test and install batteries on clients request. Online purchases are available with an option of in-store pickup or delivery and shipping for our customers peace of mind.

Battery Australia always builds a long term relationship with clients. Attention to details, uncompromising demand on quality, and continuous improvement for excellence will ensure you get the best products to suit your needs.

We can supply, deliver and install new battery fast. Most times we dispatch a qualified technician within minutes of receiving your call and most of our services are delivered within 30 minutes.

Warranty Statement

Our goods are supplied with a warranty against defects for the period of time and application displayed on product face and top labels.

If our testing determines the battery is defective we will replace it, however the costs of delivering it to the warranty location and collecting it and any replacement are yours. The claim must be made within the warranty period listed on top of the battery. Dated proof of purchase is required. The warranty period for replacement starts on the date of purchase of the defective battery it replaces. Call 0492 979 067 to make a claim. This warranty does not cover defects due to normal wear, abuse, damage, neglect, over or under charging or incorrect application. 

This Warranty of the battery does not cover:

  • A flat battery due to any mechanical issues, electrical or wiring issues;
  • Any wear and tear during use;
  • Physical Damage of any kind during use;
  • Undercharging (sulphation) and overcharging during use;
  • Any incorrect application used in battery during use;
  • Negligence or Abuse of any kind during use;
  • Spillage from over filling battery during use;
  • Modifications to the battery during use;
  • Failure arising from the addition of fluids other than water during use;
  • Batteries used for motorsport or racing activities during use.