Varta A1 ProMotive AGM Battery



Thanks to the efficient AGM technology, the truck battery Pro Motive AGM provides heavy commercial vehicles with a high degree of reliability to numerous electronic consumers. It is the only battery for unlocking the highest demanding applications and power-consuming functions including the parking cooler/heater without the battery wearing out and causing downtime. It has been developed in collaboration with the leading commercial vehicle manufacturers to support innovations that will be standard equipment for commercial vehicles in the future.

Pro 1200Motive AGM Key Benefits

  • Made in Germany
  • Patented PowerFrame grid for reliable starting power, fast recharge and corrosion resistance
  • Meets all criteria of the commercial vehicle manufacturers as original spare part
  • For advanced hoteling function with parking coole

Hoteling on Wheels

  • 6 times the cycle life compared to conventional batteries
  • Highest vibration resistance
  • Fulfils all of the requirements of governmental regulations on higher emission standards
  • Suitable for end of frame installation (EURO 5/6)


Model: 710 901 120
Capacity: 210 Ah
CCA: 1200 A
Width: 276 mm
Length: 518 mm
Height: 242 mm
Short Code: A1

Warranty (Private Use): 24 mths

Warranty (Commercial): 24 mths


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