Century 12V 100Ah C12-100XSLi Slimline Deep Cycle Lithium Battery



Technical Specifications:

Chemistry: Lithium LifePO4

Terminal Arrangement as view from front: Positive – Left / Negative – Right

Terminal Type: M8 Insert Bolt

Weight (kg): 14.50

Voltage: 12.8

Amp Hours: 100AH

Watt-Hour: 1280Wh

Cycle Capacity: 3000+cycles @80% DOD

Maintenance Type: Fully Sealed

Additional Features: Bluetooth Monitoring System (via smartphone) / Angled Fitment up to 90°


Wireless Bluetooth Monitoring System:

Century Lithium Pro batteries incorporate a state-of-the-art Bluetooth monitoring system to monitor battery capacity, state of charge, state of health, voltage, number of cycles run time, and much more. Ensuring maximum control over the performance and life of your battery from your smart device.


Fitment Details (mm):

Length: 508

Width: 110

Case Height: 236

Total Height: 236


Warranty: 36 months


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